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Spetses is known as the island of Aromas, as well as the cosmopolitan Island of  the Argosaronic Gulf, with many options for sightseeing due to the historic background as well as the natural beauty.


The house of Bouboulina (heroine of the 1821 Greek War of Independence),  Spetses Museum and the Bekiris cave are some of them. 

Spetses is the perfect island for many activities, such as hiking, horse riding,  cycling, walking or running. You will not feel bored at any moment!

The town’s beaches are reachable on foot from the hotel and for the more distant ones with public transportation, kaiki (traditional wooden boat) or by bus.

The departure point for all these is at 5 minutes walk from Twin House. 

There is a variety of choices for all tastes, from secluded small bays with crystal clear waters up to beaches with water sports and restaurants.

Our island is reachable from Athens in 2 ½  hours, either by car (to the port of Costa) or by high-speed boat from Piraeus. 

Throughout the year many great events are organized:

Spetses Armata Festival - Classical yacht regatta - Spetsathlon - Spetses tweed run and and more

Hereunder a small selection of impressions of our favorites places to be on Spetses:

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